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Who We Are

Gaelic Affairs is deeply connected to the community it serves. Team members possess strong language and cultural skills. This assists Gaelic Affairs in working with the Gaelic community, representing its interests and relating to others how the language and culture of Gaels benefit the province and are of national and international significance.

Nova Scotia’s Gaelic presence carries a rich past and presents an opportunity for growth and development. Gaelic language and culture influence music, stories, traditions and daily life. Vibrant Gaelic communities contribute to the diversity of the province, making Nova Scotia a place unlike any other to call home or to visit.

Gaelic Affairs works with Nova Scotians in the renewal of Gaelic, creating opportunities for people to learn the Gaelic language and experience Gaelic culture.

Gaelic Affairs also works in collaboration with individuals, organizations and government agencies in Scotland to further promote and develop Gaelic – a shared linguistic and cultural legacy. In addition, Gaelic Affairs builds on relationships with regions that possess sister Gaelic languages and cultures such as the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.



Nova Scotians reclaim their Gaelic language and identity as a basis for cultural, spiritual, community and economic renewal.


To support Nova Scotians in reclaiming Gaelic language and identity by creating awareness, working with partners and providing tools and opportunities to learn, share and experience Gaelic language and culture.


Gaelic Affairs contributes to the development of Gaelic language and culture in Nova Scotia, so the culture, wisdom, heritage and traditions of Gaels are valued, practiced, and passed on to future generations. It does this by:

  • Creating awareness of Gaelic language, culture and history and its contribution to Nova Scotia’s diversity, community life and economy.
  • ŸWorking with partners in government, in the community and internationally in other Gaelic regions to strengthen Gaelic language and culture.
  • ŸProviding funding support to community groups engaged in Gaelic language and cultural projects.
  • ŸProviding language training, support materials, innovative programming, strategic advice, research, translations and communications services to enable appreciation, acquisition and use of Gaelic language and culture.
  • ŸBuilding partnerships within government to ensure investment in and stewardship of these language and cultural resources that are uniquely Nova Scotian.